Is Paparazzi a SCAM?

is paparazzi a scam

I've heard it many times: "Is Paparazzi a SCAM?" It's a fair questions, one that I feel I have enough experience to answer. In full disclosure, I have been an independent Paparazzi Consultant for over 8 years.

First, let's define the word "scam". Merriam-Webster defines "scam" as a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. In order for Paparazzi Accessories to be defined as a scam, it would have to be a fraudulent or deceptive organization, or its consultants would have to be conducting fraudulent or deceptive practices. To put Paparazzi Accessories to the test, let's review a few points.

Here are 5 ways to tell if Paparazzi is a scam:

  1. The Product - Paparazzi Accessories product line is inexpensive, $5 accessories, most commonly jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Sometimes referred to as costume jewelry, the accessories are not made of real diamonds or gold, but instead are well designed, trendy pieces designed to look good on a budget. And this is what both corporate Paparazzi product descriptions and independent consultant descriptions reflect. VERDICT: Not scam
  2. Sales Model - Paparazzi Accessories are sold through a direct sales model (Wikipedia definition here), meaning that instead of having a brick and mortar store, or distributing via retail outlets, all product is sold through independent consultants away from a fixed retail location. This form of selling has been around for centuries and is well respected by business thought leaders such as Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Dave Ramsey. VERDICT: Not scam
  3. Leadership - If Paparazzi was a scam, the leaders would be scammers, right? The leaders of Paparazzi started the company from scratch and have built it through hard work and dedication. Their work was recently recognized by the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year (EY) organization as representing "exceptional ideas, leadership and innovation". You can read the article here. I have heard them speak and have visited with them in person many times and can attest to their integrity, dedication and desire to help others succeed. VERDICT: Not scam
  4. Commissions Structure - This is where some people raise an eyebrow and refer to Paparazzi (and other direct sales companies) as "pyramid schemes." I will be the first to admit that there are a lot of pyramid schemes out there that I would not endorse. Many of them rely on the consultants to continually buy the product for their own personal consumption. This is where Paparazzi differs. While I do keep an occasional piece for myself, 99% of the inventory I buy is for customers. In fact, Paparazzi discourages consultants from purchasing inventory in quantities that are greater then their sales levels. Paparazzi is very open about their commissions structure, and it can be found online here. Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:  VERDICT: Not scam
  5. Sign-Up Process - Many other direct sales or MLM organizations have a large sign-up fee or require you to purchase excessive product up front with no possible way to sell it. With Paparazzi, there is no sign-up fee and you get product in-hand that you can sell and recoup your original investment quickly. And if Paparazzi doesn't work out for someone, there are no fees or obligations to overcome to quit. VERDICT: Not scam

My conclusion, by reviewing the facts and also by personal experience, is that Paparazzi is definitely not a scam. As with any business endeavor, it takes work and dedication to be successful and there is no such thing as a free lunch. I've been very happy with my decade-plus experience as a Paparazzi consultant. It may not be for everyone, but it has been wonderful for me and my family.

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Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:

- Mandy, Sugar Bee Bling, Consultant #1768

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