How to Make Money Selling Paparazzi $5 Jewelry

Hey there! I'm Mandy with Sugar Bee Bling. Thanks for stopping by! I love helping people feel confident in their look and in who they are. I started my Paparazzi business as a small side-hustle and have grown it to full-time business that my husband Trevor and I work together.

Along the way I have helped hundreds of people start their Paparazzi journey and am in the top 0.1% of Paparazzi in both personal sales and team success. If you're thinking about earning money selling fashionable, affordable accessories, I'd love to help you get started.


Interested in Earning Money Selling Paparazzi Jewelry?

What is Paparazzi? Paparazzi Accessories is a network marketing jewelry sales company designed to help you make money selling fashionable, high-quality jewelry. 

Top three reasons you should consider starting a Paparazzi business of your own:

1. You want to make extra money.

Whether you're looking for a side hustle or a full-time business (I've done both), Paparazzi is a great avenue to consider. And a 45% commission rate rocks.


2. You love fashion or jewelry.

New Paparazzi pieces are released every day are are always on the cutting edge of fashion. And always $5. Your customers will thank you. And you'll thank yourself when you can pick up goodies for your personal collection for only $2.75!


3. It's flexible, fun and social.

Love trips? Looking to make new friends? The Paparazzi network is an amazing group of fun and supportive team members. You can work from home, be your own boss, and set your own flexible hours.


how to make money selling paparazzi jewelry
Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:

The Accessories

Whether you're a bling fanatic or looking at a Paparazzi business opportunity, one thing is of upmost importance: the product itself.

Paparazzi Accessories are always fabulous, always fashionable, and always $5. In fact, it jewelry was the $5 price point that initially attracted me to Paparazzi (I love a deal!). New styles are added daily, and you you can shop anytime and look great with out spending a fortune.

Find that perfect pop of color, fall in love with a new statement piece, or step out of your comfort zone and try one of the hottest trends of the season - the choice is yours.

Paparazzi accessories are always nickel and lead free.



My Paparazzi Story

I am Mandy and I have been a consultant since July 2011. I was hesitant to start at first, but after discussing with my husband, we decided it would be good to have an additional stream of income for our family.

Initially, I started off with Paparazzi as a part-time side business to earn a little extra spending money. As the years progressed, I started selling more and more Paparazzi jewelry and making more money. My customers and friends noticed and asked questions. Soon, many became interested in the opportunity and I built a amazing team.

Eventually my husband left his job in the corporate world to join me full-time in working our business. I am also a mom to 4 awesome kiddos who help with the family business.

You can read my full Paparazzi Story here and see my Paparazzi business.

Read My Paparazzi Story


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Frequently Asked Questions about Paparazzi

Is Paparazzi Accessories a Scam?

Given what most people have heard about direct sales or MLM companies, this is a fair question. I believe that Paparazzi distinguishes itself as a legitimate business because the product is a great value, the sales model allows you sell through multiple avenues, the commission structure is fair and open, the leadership is honest and helpful, and there are no fees to sign up or continue with the company. You can read my full article about Paparazzi being a scam here.

How Much Money Can I Make?

You earn 45% commission on each $5 accessory that you sell, which equates to $2.25. If you sell 100 pieces, you make $225 commission, and so on. How much you make depends on how many pieces you sell and how hard you work. If you have individuals join you team, you get a commission on what they sell. You can see the Paparazzi commission structure herePlease click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:

Where Can I Sell Paparazzi Accessories?

There are many avenues to sell Paparazzi Accessories. You can sell Paparazzi Accessories in person at you home or at the home of friends and acquaintances in home parties. You can also sell at large or small events, such as fairs and conventions. You can also sell online via your Paparazzi replicated site (free for you!), Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. Some consultants have built their own websites, such as my site Sugar Bee Bling

How do I get Paparazzi Accessories Inventory to Sell to Customers?

Paparazzi has a simple, easy to navigate website that is open only to consultants. Each business day, new products are made available for purchase to consultants at the wholesale price of $2.75 per accessory. You pay for your inventory at the time of purchase. Once you check out, the inventory is shipped to your home, usually taking around one week to arrive, depending on where you live. 

Is there a Monthly Quota to Meet?

There are no monthly quotas or quantities of product that you have to place each month to maintain consultant status. However, you do need to purchase at least 100 pieces each rolling calendar year. To be considered an "active" Paparazzi consultant, you need to order at least 25 pieces each month. You must be an active consultant to be paid commission on the product purchased by the team members in your down-line. 

How to join paparazzi 1

How Can I Become a Paparazzi Consultant?

Are you wondering how to join Paparazzi? It's actually pretty straightforward and easier than you might think.

The benefits of joining are great, and you could do it in the next 20 minutes with these easy steps:

1. Select your sponsor, who will be your Paparazzi leader and mentor. I'd love to have you on my team!

2. Select your Starter Kit. This kit contains everything you need to start selling from day one.

3. Enroll Online. Enrollment is easy. The Paparazzi website will walk you through the process and you can easily do it in 20 minutes or less. You’ll need a Sponsor number when you enroll (mine is 1768).

Paparazzi Starter Kits

If you're ready to start making money with Paparazzi jewelry, you'll need a Starter Kit. Starter Kits are carefully designed with the success of the newest Consultant in mind. There are two joining options to choose from, and they are only available to new Consultants as their initial purchase.

Join Paparazzi Accessories

Party Permit, $20

Enrolling with the Party Permit provides instant Consultant status, complete with Back Office access and a personal replicated website. The Party Permit allows the new Consultant to purchase inventory at wholesale prices and build their own team of fellow party animals.

Please note, the Party Permit option does NOT provide the new Consultant with a Starter Kit or jewelry, it simply gives them access to the party.

Small Home Party Kit


    Between going Live to connect with customers, sharing stories of hope, and curating confidence through adorable jewelry, influencing others is all in a day’s work for Paparazzi Consultants. In fact, it’s inevitable!

    Now you can set your newest Paparazzi team members up for success with the ALL NEW Verified Influencer Pack! The VIP enrollment includes the $20 Party Permit and allows your new team member to select 35 standard accessories ($2.75, 2 PV) up front, which means they’ll be ready to party the moment that adorable pink box arrives at their doorstep! As an added bonus, they’ll also receive a Paparazzi planner and a pen, and we’ll ship the entire order for free.

      Buy your Starter Kit today!

      What is Paparazzi Accessories?

      Paparazzi is a direct sales company which distributes beautiful, trendy jewelry and accessories that retails for only $5!!!!!
      Paparazzi is SO DIFFERENT from any other direct sales business - whether it be jewelry or anything else.  I call this the Paparazzi Difference!  I am an INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT for Paparazzi.


      How can Paparazzi be different from other direct sales companies?
      1.  The product is ONLY $5!!!!   It is NOT overpriced.  You cannot buy costume jewelry as nice as this anywhere for a lower price - not even Wal-Mart (and Wal-Mart's isn't very cute!).
      2.  The commission is 45%.   For every piece of Paparazzi jewelry I sell, I make $2.25.  On average, I make about $25-50/hr.  You can make up to 10% commission on those who join your team. Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:
      3.  It appeals to ALL ages.  There are products for little ones, tweens, teens, young adults, adults and senior citizens.   There are many different styles for many different tastes!
      4.  People of ALL socio-economic statuses can afford this and they love it!!!
      5.  Customers don't have to look at the product in a catalog, make an order, pay for shipping and wait for it to come.   They take it home with them immediately after they fall in love with it.  There is NO DELIVERING product for hours.
      6.  The product sells itself.  Show it to women, say the price and watch it disappear. Facebook has been a great avenue for selling; you can check out my Facebook selling here.
      7.  Impulse buying at its best!!!
      8.  The company keeps up with the trends.   The designers see what is "hot" in Paris, design it, produce it and I get to sell it....for only $5.   Women can afford to be trendy for $5.  New jewelry is rotating in often.
      9.   Repeat customers are created.   Just like shoes, bags or clothes, many women can never get enough jewelry.   Since styles are always changing, women keep coming back for more!  They get addicted to Paparazzi!
      10.  Women are excited to come to Paparazzi jewelry parties AND invite their friends!  Strangers call me on the phone and ask to come see my collection because they've seen it on their friends and want some for themselves.
      11. MANY people want to host home parties.  
      12. I can set up displays in schools, work offices, business lunchrooms, etc and come back a few days later with a couple $100 waiting for me in an envelope!  Women will sell it at their work for me:)  Bank employees, school teachers, office workers, realtors LOVE this.  They can look professional for a small price.
      13.  Men love to buy this for women!  They know they will make their women very happy for only $5!!!!!  I also provide gift certificates for people/men to give as gifts.
      14.  MANY women want to become consultants.
      15.  Paparazzi makes the perfect step-up to anyone's business who is already familiar with doing direct sales.   
      16.  Paparazzi sells well at fairs, boutiques, festivals and other events.  Remember, they can grab it and go!  No deliveries after the event and it's only $5.
      17.  Retail stores can carry Paparazzi Accessories.   Salons, boutiques, clothing stores, gift shops, book stores, ANYWHERE can sell Paparazzi!!!!
      18.  Paparazzi is fun!
      19.  Funnest work ever.  It is work and does require time and energy, but I love it!
      20. Anyone who can communicate can sell Paparazzi jewelry.
      21. At only $5, Paparazzi makes great gifts.  There are so many holidays and special occasions when people want to book or attend parties or come to my house to pick up some gifts.
      22.  You can afford to look stylish and beautiful with these accessories.  As a consultant, the price of wearing accessories is even lower!
      23.  Tax Deductions associated with owning your own business
      24.  Make your own schedule.  Work as much or as little as you want!
      25.  Make an UNLIMITED INCOME.  You decide how much you want to make and how hard you want to work!  SERIOUSLY! Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:
      26.  There is no monthly or quarterly minimum purchase.  you only have to buy 100 pieces in an entire year to be a consultant.  I sell that in 1-2 parties.
      I could probably list another 20 reasons why Paparazzi is so different and so amazing!


      There are several ways to get started with Paparazzi. Paparazzi offers a great selection of starter kits for all budgets. You are sent a great variety of accessories and jewelry to sell until you can see what sells the best in your area. In your kit, you get a book published by Paparazzi that explains how to make this business a success. You can start the joining process here; it takes less than 20 minutes.

      The compensation chart is VERY GENEROUS!  It is amazing the money you can make by selling $5 jewelry. Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:


      My sponsor is great with support. Since most of the people who have joined my team do not live around me, I keep in touch with them via email and phone and direct them to my site at  Here you can get ideas for displays, tips for making your business more profitable and ideas for growing your business. I have a long list of tutorials on the basics of selling Paparazzi, as well as advanced Paparazzi tutorials to help you as you grow. My YouTube channel has tons of tutorials that are very easy to follow. I will also invite you to a consultant Facebook page with guided learning units and daily Marco Polo group that is very informational and helpful.
      Of course you do! When you go to join HERE you can be on my team.  My independent consultant number is 1768. If you have more questions, I would LOVE to answer them. Just connect with me on Facebook or send an email to mandy at   




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        I became a consultant about 2 yrs ago but then the pandemic hit and I couldn’t continue but I would like to start again.

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        I want to start next month I have lots of friends but I do taxes for ppl this month so I’m so busy right now I definitely want to start in may 2021

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