Paparazzi Engagement Questions

Did you know that the more that people comment during your live sales, the more that your video can be seen? Comments during your live helps with your Facebook Live algorithm.

How to get more comments during Live Sales

So how do you get more comments during your live sales? ASK QUESTIONS! When you as a specific question, watchers will respond back with an answer in the comments. So always be asking questions as you chat and show your jewelry. You can just let the flow of the conversation happen, but with questions. Such as "this weekend we watched Such-and-Such movie as a family, Have you seen it? Did you like it? What movie did you watch this weekend? Oh, I love that movie, it's one of my favorites, what's your favorite movie? Oh, that movie reminds me of the beach, what movies make you want to travel? Where would you want to go on your next vacation?" And so on and so on, always talking in questions to keep the conversation going.

List of Engagement Questions for a Live Sale

Do you struggle with coming up with questions on a whim? No worries, I have a whole printable list for you! Just tape this list up right under your phone when you're live, so you can always reference it. It's broken down into categories such as Would you Rather, This or That, Favorites, etc.

Paparazzi Trivia Questions

I also have a list of Paparazzi Trivia Questions. These get the conversation going, but subtly remind your viewers about your business. I have it broken down into two categories, one list is for Paparazzi Trivia questions to ask during a regular live and the other list is questions that would be great to ask during an Opportunity Night when you're specifically talking about the business side of Paparazzi.