Fabulous Team Support

At Sugar Bee Bling Team, we are focused on helping each of our consultants reach their fullest potential.
  • NEW CONSULTANT ON-BOARDING - I am notified as soon as a new consultant signs up and I reach out to them right away to ensure that they hit the ground running. I'll be there to help you get set up and running!
  • MARCO POLO - We maintain an active support group using the social media platform Marco Polo. We use this mobile app to communicate as a group multiple times each day through short video snippets. Team members support and encourage each other as well as trading new ideas and methods.
  • FACEBOOK GROUP - Team Sugar Bee's private Facebook group is a hub for inter-team communication, announcements, and training. We share a lot of great ideas, tips, and suggestions with each other, and are also a support group for challenges and issues.
  • IN-PERSON TRAINING - We hold periodic training locally in Kansas City for those nearby or who would like to travel. If you will be in the area, reach out to us for a one-on-one session!

paparazzi team training

Paparazzi training at Mandy's house for her team - special event.

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