How to Do a Facebook Live Paparazzi Sale

Have you ever wondered about the logistics of how to do a Facebook Live Paparazzi Sale? I have all of that info for you! Go behind the scenes and see what goes into the set up and execution of a Paparazzi Facebook Live Sale.

Keep in mind that everyone does things differently! This is what I do and it works for me. Find what works for you!

How to Prepare for a Facebook Live

  1. Lay out the jewelry in order
  2. Open packages
  3. Assign number cards
  4. Make a sales list - HERE'S THE BLANK SHEET that I use each week.
  5. Post a Teaser Video
  6. Email yourself the Video Description - I like to do this beforehand so I don't have to type it out on my phone. Be sure to use hashtags! That's another tip for getting more live viewers.

Last Minute Preparation for a Facebook Live

  1. Get dressed and ready, think "family picture ready"
  2. Message Friends - this is one of my tips for getting more viewers on your live sale. Check out that video for more details.
  3. Post a Teaser and Reminder

Starting your Facebook Live

  1. Set post to PUBLIC
  2. Paste in description information from email

During your Facebook Live

  1. Address the replay views
  2. Welcome live viewers by name
  3. Ask for shares and explain how to share
  4. YOU share, and send Message reminder with direct link to your live.
  5. Pin a Comment, $5 jewelry
  6. BE EXCITED, ask questions: questions to ask during a live sale.
  7. Show and Describe each piece
  8. Write down names of those who claim pieces
  9. Recap first 10 items

After a Facebook Live

  1. Pull and Sort the jewelry
  2. Take photos of the orders
  3. Invoice
  4. Ship
  5. Encourage customers to join your VIP group
  6. Add them to your customer list

Facebook Live Preparation Checklist

Need a one-sheet printable of all these things? Go check out the Paparazzi Facebook Live Checklist

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of a Facebook Live Paparazzi Sale

Here's a quick glimpse into the Behind the Scenes of my Facebook Live sale:

More Viewers on a Facebook Live Sale

Looking for ideas on how to get more viewers on your Facebook Live Sales? I have a whole training video with all that info!

Facebook Live Reversed Signs

Want to hold up signs? I have some you can use! Facebook Live Reversed Signs

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