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I am always looking for motivated individuals to join my team, and s Paparazzi Starter Kit makes it easy to join! Please review the starter kits below, and click here when you're ready to join! If you have any questions, please contact me via phone, email, or Facebook using the info in my site footer.

Each of the Paparazzi Starter Kits were carefully designed with the success of the newest Consultant in mind. Packed with marketing materials, business tools, and fabulous $5 jewelry, our Starter Kits have everything you need to start changing the world $5 at a time - and they're only available to our new Consultants as their initial purchase!

Paparazzi Starter Kit options include:

$20 Party Permit

Enrolling with the Party Permit provides instant Consultant status, complete with Back Office access and a personal replicated website. The Party Permit allows the new Consultant to purchase inventory at wholesale prices and build their own team of fellow party animals.

Please note, the Party Permit option does NOT provide the new Consultant with a Starter Kit or jewelry, it simply gives them access to the party.

$99 Verified Influencer Pack

$99 Verified Influencer Pack

35 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = $175 The Preview Pack was created with the newest Paparazzi team member in mind. You get to select your own variety of colors and styles of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings that are sure to appeal to your very first customers. 

The VIP enrollment includes the $20 Party Permit and allows you to select 35 standard accessories ($2.75, 2 PV) up front, which means you'll be ready to party the moment that adorable pink box arrives at your doorstep! As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a Paparazzi planner and a pen, and Paparazzi will ship the entire order for free.

Only available for initial purchases of new Consultants and providing the basics to become a Paparazzi superstar


Join today! It is super easy and can be done entirely online.

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