Paparazzi Live Sales: Increase Live Viewers

It's one of the most-asked questions in Paparazzi, "How do I get more viewers on my lives?" - well, let's dive into that!!

Paparazzi Facebook Live Basics

First up, remember a few basics in your live sales videos, if you're not doing these, then people won't be attracted to your video, even if you try the tips on how to get more live viewers:
- Be READY (everything set out and opened, etc)
- Uncluttered, non-messy area and background
- Be CONSISTENT - if you get new people watching, how will they find you again?
- Fill your screen, don't have a lot of blank space above your head, etc.
- You TIMES TWO! Be "on"! It's your personality, turned up a little.

Increases Live Viewers Printable

Love a check sheet? Print this out and review it each time you go live:

How to Get More Live Viewers for Paparazzi Sales

  1. Email Newsletter - send out an email to your current customers weekly, ideally on the morning of your live sale. Email content can be: reminder of the live, mention if you're going to play a game on your live, give a sneak peek of a couple of items that you will be showing during your live.
  2. Message 1-2 customers and ask them what they're looking for, be sure to include those pieces in your live. This will give a personal shopping experience and excellence customer service. During your live you can talk about how "this piece was requested to be shown" so that other customers know that you're here to help them pick out great pieces and take requests.
  3. Post in your VIP group 1 hour before your live. You can use the "welcome new members" feature in FB groups. Tag new members for that week. Everyone will see the post. Remind them of the sale coming up in a hour, plus post your weekly schedule.
  4. Message 5 friends 5-10 minutes before your live. This is my FAVORITE strategy! Friends want to support your business even if they don't love accessories, and this is a great way for them to do that. Ask them something like: "hey! as you may know, I have an awesome $5 accessories business that I'm working hard at - and even if you don't love accessories, I'd love to get your support. If you are around and can get on facebook in about 10 minutes, I will be going live for a sale. I would LOVE it if you can pop in and say hi! That's it! By popping in, it really helps because it breaks the ice for others to want to comment and it helps facebook see interaction in my video - AND it helps me to be a little less nervous when I see a friendly face. Thank you for supporting my small business and my goals!!"
  5. Use hashtags in your Post Description. I pre-type my description and email it to myself so that I can copy and paste it when I'm ready. Hashtags will help your post be more searchable. Mix it up and use different hashtags each time you're live. Some ideas are: #accessories #paparazzi #paparazzijewelry #paparazzilive #live #liverightnow #stayathomemom #workfromhome #lovemyjob #blessed #livingmybestlife #momlife 
  6. Ask your viewers to SHARE your video. There is POWER in sharing live! I do a drawing for a free piece for those who share my video, and I do that drawing on my NEXT live.
  7. Share YOURSELF. Share your own video. Use a separate device and share your video to your other places on facebook.
  8. Text/Message Alert System - send out a message right after you go live with the link to your live video. That way people can click it and go straight to the live video. Mobile Text Alerts, ManyChat, or even just setting up a Messenger Group where you post the link into are all great options.
  9. Ask Questions! As you get interaction in your video, the chances grow that new viewers will be able to see the video. Talk in questions to get viewers to interact. You can also find Paparazzi Trivia Questions and Live Interaction Questions , both HERE.
  10. Play Games! Games are fun and promote interaction. I play games about once a month or so. Game ideas are Blingo/Bingo, State/Birthday Game, and Trivia.
  11. Bring a Friend Night - I LOVE Bring-A-Friend night! I don't do it too often because I end up giving away a lot of pieces, but it's really great to get new people on your live.
  12. Go LONGER - the longer that your live is, the more likely that friends and customers will be on facebook during that exact same time. Try going live longer to gain more viewers total.

Video Training How to Increase Viewers on Facebook Live

I have a quick video explaining all of these Dozen Ways to Increase the Viewers on your Paparazzi Live Sales:

More Paparazzi Training

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