How to Describe Paparazzi Accessories

I know it's all CUTE CUTE CUTE, but have you ever wanted to get more detailed in the way that you describe your jewelry? I have a quick list (and FREE printable) on how to describe Paparazzi Accessories.

how to describe paparazzi accessories

Ways to Describe Jewelry:

Overall descriptions such as pretty, trendy, popular, beautiful, stunning, and gorgeous.

Type descriptions such as chunky, long, layered, cluster, and dainty

Stone descriptions such as rhinestones, cracked, opal, and beads.

Texture descriptions include hammered, fringe, studded, and veined.

Metal descriptions are silver, gold, rose gold, copper, brass, copper, and gunmetal.

Colors have a variety of names, and I would suggest looking up the Pantone Colors for the season to find specific relevant color names. I've also listed some on the free printable below.

Paparazzi Jewelry Description Printable

Here are a few tips on being a fashion consultant:

How to become a fashion consultant