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Do you have questions about Paparazzi? We're here to help! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding Paparazzi jewelry and accessories:


Paparazzi FAQs

How much do you make selling Paparazzi jewelry?

The answer is up to you! You can work Paparazzi as a hobby, a part-time gig, or as a full-time job. Many members of my team do it for just a few hours per week to earn spending money, others make hundreds of dollars per month part-time, and my husband and I work it full-time to support our family comfortably. You can read more about Paparazzi earning potential here.

Is Paparazzi jewelry a pyramid scheme?

The short answer is no, it is not a pyramid scheme. The long answer is that it is a Multi-Level Marketing, or network marketing, business. You can read more about that here.

What is Paparazzi jewelry made of?

Paparazzi jewelry meets applicable consumer safety laws and regulations in the United States. The metals found in Paparazzi Accessories pieces are primarily made of iron and include other trace minerals. Those trace minerals are made up of a metallic alloy of either zinc, steel, or aluminum. Before our jewelry is sold, Paparazzi tests its jewelry for chemicals of concern using labs that are accepted by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission. Paparazzi jewelry is required to undergo testing for compliance with California’s Proposition 65, which includes testing for all heavy metals including lead, nickel, cadmium as well as phthalates. California’s Proposition 65 is one of the most stringent consumer laws in the US, and Paparazzi’s jewelry complies with Proposition 65.

Paparazzi Accessories are not hypo-allergenic.

Some of the Paparazzi products are made of actual leather, while others are made from synthetic leather or suede, which is a mix of plastics and fabric. It is the same type of material found in many shoes, jackets, and other apparel. While some people may be more sensitive to the smell of these items, it is not harmful. Removing the bracelets from the plastic they are packaged in will help the smell dissipate more quickly if desired.

Some of the bracelets and rings may have latex in the elastic/stretch band. Paparazzi recommends that those persons with sensitivity to latex buy the suede or leather bracelets instead.

Does Paparazzi jewelry turn green?

In most cases, no. However, some people's body chemistry can lend all fashion jewelry, not just Paparazzi, to turn green. If your body chemistry has done this in the past to other jewelry, the best recommendation to prevent it from turning green is to keep it dry.

Is Paparazzi jewelry any good?

Paparazzi jewelry is well-made and of high quality. Many, many people have complimented me on my jewelry and are amazed that it is only $5. Paparazzi jewelry is considered fashion jewelry, so it is not made of real silver, gold, diamonds, etc, but the build quality is great and the pieces last. Most issues with items breaking are due to "jump rings," the little metal hoops that connect parts of the jewelry, becoming disconnected. These are easily corrected with a small pair of pliers.

Can I sell Paparazzi jewelry for more than $5?

If you are a Paparazzi consultant, you are not allowed to sell pieces for lower than the retail price, which is $5 for regular items, $1 for Starlet Shimmer, and $25 for Zi Collection pieces. You can sell for more than $5, but it is not recommended. When you purchase inventory from Paparazzi, you pay the sales tax rate based off the retail price of $5 per piece. Paparazzi then remits this sales tax to your state for you. If you sell an item for more than $5, you are responsible for reporting and submitting the sales tax for the amount over $5, which is a bigger headache than most want to tackle.

Do I need a business license to sell Paparazzi jewelry?

The answer to this question varies greatly from state to state, city to city, and county to county. In most cases, no, you do not need a license to sell Paparazzi as an independent consultant. However, if you are unsure, check with your local small business office to find out more, especially if you plan on working large events or have a retail store open to the public.

Is Paparazzi jewelry made in China?

Paparazzi jewelry and accessories are manufactured in production facilities in China and always nickel and lead free. These production facilities have very high standards and regulations for labor, materials, and workmanship. The product is distributed from a distribution center in southern Utah.

What comes in the $99 Paparazzi starter kit?

The $99 Paparazzi starter kit is a great place to start! You can read more about the kits and what they contain here.

How long does Paparazzi jewelry last?

Paparazzi jewelry is high quality and durable and should provide you many seasons of wear. To get the most out of your jewelry, keep it clean and dry, and store it in a climate controlled location.

How do Paparazzi consultants get paid?

The most basic way that Paparazzi consultants get paid is through selling their jewelry. Consultants earn a 45% commission on each piece that they sell. This commission can add up quickly! For example, if you sell 50 pieces at 45% commission, that is $112.50 in profit! Paparazzi consultants also have a compensation plan through which they can earn additional money based of the sales of their team members. You can read more about the Paparazzi compensation plan herePlease click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:

How much does the average Paparazzi consultant make?

All Paparazzi consultants make the same 45% commission on their accessory and jewelry sales. The amount of sales varies from consultant to consultant, so there is no good way to determine an average. Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:

Is it worth selling Paparazzi jewelry and accessories?

Paparazzi has several advantages over other home-based business: high (45%) commission, wide selection of products, and always-new inventory. To be successful, you to have to put for effort to make your product available to customers. For my family, it has definitely been worth it as we have gone from hobby to part-time to full-time, with my husband leaving his corporate job to work at home with me.

Can you get Paparazzi jewelry wet?

Paparazzi jewelry, like all fashion jewelry, should be kept clean and dry to keep it from rusting or tarnishing. Do not swim, sweat or otherwise get your jewelry wet. If you accidentally do get it wet, be sure to clean and dry your accessories as soon as possible.

How much do you have to sell to stay active with Paparazzi?

To be considered an active Paparazzi Consultant, you need to order at least 50 PV (25 pieces) per month. Active status allows you to be listed in the Paparazzi directory and to earn bonuses and commissions on your down-line. If you miss a month, don't worry; you will not be penalized and can become active the next month. To keep your account open, you must order 200 PV (100 pieces) in a rolling calendar year or your account will be cancelled.

How long does it take to get my Paparazzi starter kit?

Once you enroll online to become a Paparazzi consultant, it usually takes 2-3 days for your package to be processed and shipped, and another few days (depending on your location) for your delivery to arrive. Most new consultants receive their package in around one week.

How do I start my own Paparazzi business?

One of the best things about Paparazzi is how easy it is to get started. All you need is a phone or computer with internet access and a debit or credit card. This short tutorial shows you how you can enroll in Paparazzi in 20 minutes or less. You'll need the ID number of another consultant to join; my number is 1768 and I'd love to help you start your journey.

Where can you sell Paparazzi jewelry and accessories?

You can sell Paparazzi jewelry and accessories in a variety of ways. Home parties, fairs, expos, events, yard sales, and flea markets are traditional sales avenues with a long history of being successful. You can also sell through modern means such as Facebook, Instagram, email, and online web stores. You cannot sell on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, and similar sites that you do not own.

What are the ranks in Paparazzi?

Paparazzi has 14 ranks, with all consultants starting out as a "Consultant". Once you order 50PV (25 pieces) you advance to a "Star Consultant". When you have three personally sponsored active consultants join your team, and have 50PV that month, you advance to a "Director" and can start earning commissions and bonuses. You can see all of the Paparazzi ranks and compensation plan here.

How do I take care of my Paparazzi jewelry and accessories?

When properly cared for, Paparazzi jewelry and accessories should provide years of enjoyment. Here are a few tips on keeping your bling in tip-top shape:
1. Keep it dry.
2. Remove it when you exercise or work out, or anytime you sweat.
3. Do not wear it while sleeping.
4. Store it in a climate controlled environment, away from chemicals such as lotions or oils.
5. Put your bling on AFTER you do your hair and makeup so it is not exposed to those chemicals.
6. Clean your bling from time to time with a clean, dry cloth.

What are Paparazzi Hostess Rewards?

Hostess Rewards are additional pieces that a Paparazzi consultant receives free of charge with each order over 10 pieces. For every 10 pieces in their order, they will receive 1 free piece. These pieces are typically used as a reward to friends of the consultant who "host" a Paparazzi party. They can also be given away as prizes.

How do I host a Paparazzi one or online party?

Hosting a party is a great way to earn free Paparazzi jewelry and accessories! For every 10 pieces that are sold to individuals that you invite to your party, you will receive one free piece. To host a party, simply contact me via email or Facebook and we can schedule a time that works for you (see contact info at the bottom of the site).

How can I talk to someone about joining Paparazzi?

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a Paparazzi independent consultant, I would love to answer your questions. I am available via email, Facebook, phone or Zoom. You can schedule a time to visit with me here, or reach out to me at the contact info at the bottom of this site.

What time does Paparazzi release new jewelry?

Every business day, Paparazzi releases new pieces available for purchase by consultants and the public. These pieces are called "new releases" and are anxiously watched for by Paparazzi consultants. Normally, new releases appear on the website at 2:00 PM Central, though on a rare occasion they show up a bit late. If you're wondering how to order new releases quickly, read my tutorial here.


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    I am new and wanting to learn more . What i will need to get started

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    Hi, I love how you inspire so I have followed you the last couple months since becoming a new Paparazzi girl. I currently was challenged by Lorri to reach out to someone new and ask these questions:
    when and why did you join ?
    What’s your top tip to a ?
    What do you wish you knew when you first started?
    What is your rank ?
    What’s your next goal?
    Thank you and I love your videos

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