Paparazzi Earning Potential

How Much Can You Make with Paparazzi?

As an Independent Paparazzi consultant, your earning potential is unlimited. You can make money through your own personal sales, through building a team, and through online sales. 

A lot of people ask me, "How much can I really make selling $5 jewelry?" The answer is, "How much do you WANT to make?" You see, it all depends on where you want your Paparazzi business to take you. The math is pretty simple: you earn $2.25 commission for each piece of jewelry sold. Want to earn $225 a month? Sell 100 pieces per month, or 25 per week. Want to earn an extra 1,000 a month? Sell 444 pieces per month, or 111 per week. Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants:

Some of my team members want to be able to make a few hundred extra dollars each month, to cover their car payment or pay for a trip to Disney. Others are looking for a way to escape their dull day-job and provide fully for their family. Others aren't concerned about the money and just enjoy the wholesale price they pay for bling and the social fun they find in the company. All three types have been successful within Paparazzi.

Many of my team members are making more than 6-figures with their Paparazzi business each year; some several times that! These individuals are hard-working, full-time women who have dedicated their careers to Paparazzi. The majority of my team members work part-time and are able to earn supplemental income to help their families.

For me, the most exciting moment in my Paparazzi career was when my husband quit his full-time day job (which he loved!) to come help run our Paparazzi business (which he loves more!).

full-time paparazzi team
Trevor and Mandy, full-time Paparazzi team!

Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants: The chart below shows the 2018 average income levels for various Paparazzi ranks. Where do YOU want to be?

Paparazzi 2018 Income Disclosure Statement

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