How to get lots of Paparazzi Sales on Facebook

I went from working my Paparazzi business as a hobby to having so many sales that I hit Diamond Life of the Party level! What changed? What did I do differently? I have the secret to how to get lots of Paparazzi Sales so you too can hit those sales goals of yours!

Paparazzi Facebook Sales Notes Worksheet

As you watch the video, TAKE NOTES!!! Here's a Notes Worksheet that you can print off to help you organize your thoughts.

How to get Lots of Sales on Facebook - TRAINING VIDEO

Ideas for Paparazzi Flash Sales

Ways to sell Paparazzi on Facebook

  • Facebook Live - connect with customers, establish a relationship
  • Flash Sales - power of video, in a flash
  • Album Sales - photos in groups appeal to many people
  • Piece of the Day - because it's handpicked, it's extra special
  • Messenger Group - directly in their messages box makes it more personal
  • Facebook Stories - snippets to showcase

Paparazzi Sales Workflow Example

Paparazzi Facebook Live

Paparazzi Flash Sales

Need specific step-by-step instructions on how to do a flash sale? You can check that out HERE: How to Do a Flash Sale with Paparazzi.

Paparazzi Album Sales

Paparazzi Piece of the Day

Paparazzi Messenger Sales

Paparazzi Facebook Stories Sales