What is Paparazzi Life of the Party?

Paparazzi recognizes achievements in your business in two main ways, your team building (rank achievements) and your sales, which are Life of the Party achievements. 

"The Life of the Party program was built with one purpose: to celebrate our party people! These are the Consultants who eat, sleep, and breathe Paparazzi pink. They thrive on feeding their customers’ $5 habits and seem to leave a trail of bling everywhere they go. They are hard at work building booming retail empires by partying for a living every chance they get. You can watch their eyes light up as they share their obsession with anyone who will listen, and they absolutely thrive on the fun that fuels Paparazzi.
When you become the Life of the Party, it is evident that you know how to work a room. You know how to make your guests feel like the stars of the show. You are warm, inviting, contagious, spunky, and fun
– and you are changing the world $5 at a time.
To celebrate Paparazzi’s ultimate party animals, we have created multiple levels of access within the Life of the Party program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Black Diamond, Pink Diamond, and
Empire Diamond. Each level of access receives some incredible perks!"

Life of the Party achievements are based on your total PV from July 1-June 30th. You can see the detailed breakdown of each achievement level here: Paparazzi Life of the Party Flyers

Learn All About LOTP

Life of the Party Chart

Here is a visual comparison chart to see each level and it's yearly PV requirements. It also breaks out that requirement so you can get a general idea of what you need monthly and even weekly as you work towards your Life of the Party Goal. The chart below is based on dividing out Life of the Party requirements over 52 weeks. (You could also do the math by dividing it out over 12 months instead, that will give you slightly different numbers.)

Life of the Party Awards

There are also perks for hitting each Life of the Party Level. Each level gets all the perks of the level before it, as well as the listed perks.

How to Track Life of the Party

There are lots of ways to track and work on your Life of the Party Goals. I use a Life of the Party Tracker that I update each time I order. It works really well for me to show me how much I have remaining for each level.

--->You can find the Paparazzi Life of the Party Tracker HERE.
You'll definitely want to click over to that Tracker Sheet - it's awesome!!


  • Annie Grimm

    I just started selling Paparazzi a few months ago, my question is once you hit a Life of the Party level before the year is up does that roll over for the following year or does that mean no matter what level you are at you start over again at the beginning of the new year? So if I hit Diamond by the year end, and the new year starts you are back down to Life of the Party Bronze??

  • Cynthia

    Where can I find your LOP tracker sheet you talk about on your You Tube Channel? Thanks so much.

  • Kimberla Cavanaugh

    What if you start in the middle of the year, do they adjust the amount of the pieces that you should bought?

  • Denise Jones

    I love your content and how you present it.

  • Susan galvan

    Hey, I was looking for the Lop tracker. I clicked the link but it says not found. Could you please email it to me?

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