The 30-day Challenge

In case you haven't seen this challenge from our upline, I want to tell you about it.  This is for anyone who has not hit the rank of Director.  If you are new - awesome - hitting Director in your first month is very doable.  
If you're not new, this is your jumpstart!!  Pretend like you're new - throw yourself another launch party.

I want YOU to set a Goal of Director in 30 days!

Here are some ways to help:

--have 2 launch parties - one on the weekend and one on the weekday.  If you'd had them and it's been a while, have them again.  Everyone is getting Spring Fever - that includes shopping!  Parties are going bigger. Also, people are shopping for Easter and Mother's Day.

--Set your goal to book 6 parties in your 30 days.  This includes the 2 launch parties you are having - so only 4 more.  You can do that!

--Write 100 or more people that you know and see throughout your day - bank, hair salon, babysitter, church, gym, work, etc.  This will help you book those parties and also find those in your network that might want to join Paparazzi.

--I want you to PUSH yourself out of your comfort zone and make this goal happen!  The rewards are SO great!

IF you are already a Director, set your goal to be a Premier Director!  Help and work closely with your personally enrolled to help them achieve the rank of Director.  Team effort and team support - it's critical.

The challenge started March 15th - - I cant what to hear of the Success come April 15, 2013!!!!