Simple - 3 Reasons why Paparazzi is Awesome

When talking to people about becoming a Paparazzi consultant - KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Just touch on the three main reasons why it's great to join.  Too much info in the beginning can be too overwhelming - so just start with these ... this is what you can tell people when you're doing parties, posting on Social Media, working vendor events, etc.

3 Reasons Why Starting a Paparazzi Business is a Great Idea:

1. The product is $5 jewelry! 
The product sells itself. There is no speech or convincing women to buy - they buy because they know it is a great deal. Women love $5 jewelry because they can afford it.

2. The company is NEW. 
That means there may be very few consultants in your area.You will be in demand when people know that you sell $5 accessories. Not only can you do many parties and events, you can also build a team and be a leader. Building a team is very profitable.

3. The commission is high - 45%. 
For each piece of jewelry you sell at $5, you make $2.25. That adds up very quickly. Additionally, when you have people join your team, you make between 5-10% off what they purchase from the Paparazzi website.When they have people join, you can earn a little from their purchases too. Once again, this adds up quickly.