Reminders for this Week

--MONDAY: It's President's Day - you could have an impromtu sale: "Buy 4 Red White or Blue accessories and get 1 FREE"

--Headshot pictures of you wearing Paparazzi are due Friday - I even took one of myself:
Tips for a picture using your phone - sit facing a window to capture the natural light coming in.  Don't use your flash.  Clear out your background (I made sure my bed was semi-made).  Hold the phone out and UP - it's a good angle.  Instagram Filters are very forgiving :)

--Take the time this week to book yourself a party for March if you haven't already.  And speaking of March, it's a fun time to put together a GREEN collection - here's one I did:

--Take advantage of the Share the Love Promotion this month - you'll be glad you did!