February Team Incentive - Headshot!

Hi Everyone! - I'm excited to announce the Incentive Contest for February - a Headshot!  Get those smiles ready...

smiling kitten

This is a challenge that EVERYONE can do.  I want to see tons of participation!  In starting this Team Blog, I want to include a Team SugarBeeBLING photo - we're a nationwide team so obviously we aren't going to be able to gather for such a photo.  So I have the idea to compile everyone's headshot into a big collaborate photo. I can't wait!

The Challenge:

--Take a headshot photo of yourself wearing Paparazzi - headband, necklace, earrings, whatever you want as long as you're wearing your Paparazzi to show your LOVE for it.  Don't worry about it being a "fancy" photo - just a snapshot is great.

--Email me (mandybeez at gmail) the photo along with your first name and where you're from (if you don't want to state exactly where you're from, just the closest big city works for me - like "Mandy, Kansas City, MO")

--PRIZE - everyone who sends in their photo will be entered into a drawing for one person to win 5 FREE ACCESSORIES - you could use those as party incentives or to sell.

Photos are due by Feb 22nd, 2013.  Good Luck!