Downline Commissions

You are all amazing!!  You're doing an amazing job working your business and selling pieces for a profit.  Today I want to mention the other side of earning money with Paparazzi - downline commissions.  Here is what the average commissions are - this is NOT INCLUDING the profit you make on your sales.

Paparazzi has huge potential - numbers are based on real results, what's happening right now to people who are in these ranks.  It holds true to the ranks I've been in.  Listed is Commissions Alone - that means whatever you earn actually selling at parties is additional.  Serious potential!!  This income is monthly:

Director $100-300
Premier Director $300-1,000
Producer $1,000-3,000
Exec Producer $3,000-7,000

and it goes up from there.  Wowza.