April's Team Challenge

Hi everyone!!  I hope you're ready for spring and Paparazzi - it's coming!  For April, Michelle Johnnie of Johnnie's Jewels  has a great points-system challenge - she is giving away cash prizes.  PLUS, it's the same challenge that corporate is offering, so it's like you get two-for-one.  And I want to make that a three for one - - so Team Sugar Bee Bling's challenge for April: participate in the Johnnie's Jewels Challenge.

Here are the details:

$100, $50 and $25 to the 3 people with the most points.  Points come from doing the parties in the month of April and booking parties and events this month for the coming year.

Incentive Details
·      For every home party you do, you get 2 points.  Must have a hostess who passed out invitations.
·      For every basket party you do, you get 2 points.  Must have at least 3 people make purchases.
·      For every online party you do, you get 2 points.   Must have at least 3 people make purchases.
·      For every business you set up in and sell, you get 2 points.  You/your display must be there for at least an hour or more.
·      For every event you do, you get 2 points per day.
·      For every party or event on your calendar in the month of MAY, you get 1 point.
·      For every event you have booked after the month of April (so anytime from May through Dec.), you get 1 point per day.

Send the info of each party/event and the numbers of parties and events booked in May and afterwards to Michelle Johnnie via email.  Even if you don’t win, you may receive something special for participating.  This is the same info that is needed for the Zi collection contest so just copy and paste!   Send it to her and corporate!!!

So, let me know via email (mandybeez at gmail) if you participated in the Johnnie Jewel's challenge.  I will draw a winner from those that email me for some FREE goodies :)