Spring 2020 Fashion Trends with Paparazzi Accessories

I know it's only February, but Spring 2020 fashion trends are already in full swing! Are you wondering what is HOT for Spring 2020? No worries, I've got you covered with the inside scoop. 

spring 2020 fashion trends

Lines continue to blur as we move into the 2020 spring/summer season, and the potential for creative self-expression is limited only by the imagination. Instead of wasting time by trying to find a method to the madness, let's open the expansive toy box of possibilities and play! This season you'll see obvious nods to iconic decades like the 80s (hello, neon power suits!), designs inspired by the cosmos themselves, and exaggerated prints that will make your mouth water. Upcycled materials become fierce couture and animal prints continue to sink their claws in, leaving us with one final take on the trends of the season: the only thing you can expect is - the unexpected!

Here's a few of the Spring 2020 fashion trends that are hitting runways and will be hitting your closet as you stay on trend for the new spring fashions:


Think woven linen, raw edges, and embroidery. Textures, especially those in neutrals, are all the rage and are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Knot accents, like crochet and macrame, along with earthy and antique vibes, will be rounding out your favorite outfits. Upcycled materials like cork, rope, and rattan have a sustainable vibe and are incorporated in new ways.

spring 2020 fashion trend textures


This spring is the time for prints! Happy, vibrant, colorful prints abound, including fruits, polka dots, color-blocking and gingham. Animal prints (reptile, cow, alligator, etc) will also be in season. Bold prints like geometric patters, sunset gradients and stripes will be on full display. Think some prints just don't go together? Not this season! You'll see mixing and matching of contrasting prints that will redefine your notion of what can be worn with what!

spring 2020 fashion trends prints


Some of your favorite fashion effects, such as tie-dye, dip-die, and acid wash, are making a strong comeback. Iridescent and "oil spill" type of shimmers are also hugely popular. Another standby effect that will be even more popular than usual is logos, so bust out those old logo tee's and get ready to rock 'em!  
Looking for more Spring 2020 Fashion tips? 

spring 2020 fashion trends effects

Amped Up for Color

The color palette for Spring 2020 fashion is looking bright with lots of pizzazz! The bolder the better! Neon is making a big comeback, so get your hot pinks, neon yellow and bright lime green gear in line. Classic colors like red, orange and blue will still be around and will be getting vibrant upgrades. Look for these bright new colors to be incorporated in funky fabrics and unique combinations.

spring 2020 fashion trends color

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