Send a BlingGram!

Let's face it, holiday shopping can be tough. Especially this year, when everything seems to be a bit out of whack.

We thought about this problem and wanted to help. We remembered how much joy and excitement our customers feel when they see a pink package full of bling in their mailbox. That's when we realized that fun, fabulous jewelry and accessories can brighten someone's day and make them feel special. So we're bringing back our BLING GRAM!

BLING GRAM is a way for you to send 4 pieces of jewelry to someone who needs a boost with FREE SHIPPING!

Here's how it works:

  1. Think of someone on your list who needs some cheer and love (your mom, a friend, your sister, your kid's teacher...or anyone!)
  2. Pick out 4 ($20 or more order) accessories that they would love at
  3. Use coupon code "BLINGGRAM" at checkout and we cover the shipping! Yes, you read that right, FREE shipping!
  4. Select a different "Ship to" address at checkout. Enter their address as the shipping address at checkout.
  5. Use the "Order notes" field if you'd like to send them a personalized note
  6. We'll wrap it in our famous bling burrito and send it on it's merry way! 

That's it! It's fun and easy and a great way to check off your list this year. 

Need help picking a set? We have 4-piece coordinating sets already available to make shopping a breeze.

Our BLING GRAM special is a limited-time offer and does not apply to orders where the shipping address and the billing address are the same. So that your gift can ship right away, it does not apply to "preorder" items. Minimum order amount of $20.