Comment Sold

 We are super excited to announce our new method of claiming Facebook items during sales. Sugar Bee Bling will be using Comment Sold to capture and collect your Facebook claims. This new system will make your life much easier! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the quick start guide to get registered.




Benefits of Comment Sold 

  1. LIVE BASKET. You can see all items in your basket at any time. No more wondering if you got an item or wondering how many items you have in your basket. No more waiting around for the "like" or "sad face" reaction to your comment. Instantly see items added to your card as soon as your comment is made.
  2. CART MANAGEMENT. You are in control of your cart. Did you accidently claim a duplicate? No problem! Easily remove mistakenly claimed items from your cart. See something else you like? Easily add new items to your cart during checkout.
  3. EASY CHECKOUT. Check out when your ready without waiting for a weekly invoice. Plus, you have many more payment methods available to you, including all major credit cards, PayPal and Sezzle.
  4. WAITLIST. If you claim an item that has sold out, you are automatically put on the Waitlist for that item. If that item becomes available in the future, you'll receive a notification and opportunity to add it to your cart. 
  5. STAY INFORMED. Get notified via Facebook Messenger, email or text whenever your cart changes or is about to expire. Get shipping updates and notifications as your bling heads your way.


  • How to I claim an item?
    • It's easy! Just type "SOLD" followed by the item number you'd like to claim. For example, if you'd like to claim item number 120, type "SOLD 120" as your comment. This works for both live sales and replays.
  • How does Comment Sold work?
    • Comment Sold is linked to our Facebook sales and monitors the comments on each sale. When it sees a "SOLD" comment, it matches that comment with the customer.
  • How do I register for Comment Sold with Sugar Bee Bling?
    • It's super easy and takes less than one minute! Just visit Click the "Login with Facebook" button and you will log in under your Facebook account. Enter your email address, name and phone number. Be sure to select the Messenger box to allow us to send you updates via Facebook Messenger. You can also enter your mobile number as well for future text updates.
  • Why is registration necessary?
    • Registration is necessary so that Comment Sold can link your claims to your account. If you're not registered, we won't be able to reserve that item for you because your comment will not be captured.
  • Do you have to register through Facebook?
    • Registration is required, and Facebook is the preferred registration route. You can also elect to register via Instagram.
  • How can I see my basket?
    • After you've registered, log in to your account. Scroll down and you'll see "MY CART". Items listed here are in your cart. Below you can also see "Expired Items" which can be re-added to your cart if still available. You can also see your "Waitlisted Items". 
  • How long do I have to check out?
    • Items will stay in your cart for 48 hours. You must complete checkout within that 48 hour window or your cart items will expire.
  • What if I need more time to shop and add more items?
    • We love it when you want to add more items to your cart! It's easy to add more and avoid paying shipping twice. Simply check out and use code "HOLDBASKET". This code will not charge shipping on your order, and we'll hold your order and combine it with your next paid order.
  • What happens if items in my cart expire?
    • As items pass the 48 hour window, they will expire from your cart. When items expire, they fall out of your cart and are made available to the next person on the Waitlist for that item. 
  • Do I have to pay shipping for every order?
    • There are two ways to combine orders for shipping purposes. The first way place a second order within 24 hours of your first paid order. Doing so will give you free shipping on your second order. The second way is to check out and use code "HOLDBASKET". This code will not charge shipping on your order, and we'll hold your order and combine it with your next paid order.
  • How much is shipping?
    • Shipping is a flat $4.00 for your entire order. If you order eight regular items ($40 or more), shipping is FREE! We no longer offer our $1 shipping on 5 for more items. 
  • How does the Waitlist work?
    • If you claim an item that has sold out, you are automatically put on the Waitlist for that item. If that item becomes available in the future, it will automatically be added to your cart. You are added to the Waitlist in the order in which your comment was made.
  • What will happen to your website?
    • Sugar Bee Bling is still the best place online to find amazing Paparazzi accessories, and it is not going anywhere! While you can continue to shop in addition to shopping with us on Facebook, you might find it easiest to add your items inside Comment Sold. All of our website items are synced to Comment Sold and the quantities update instantly. If you see an item on the website that you'd like, just search for it's name on Comment Sold and add it to your cart. Of course, if you'd still like to shop our website, that is perfectly fine. To combine website orders with your Facebook claims, checkout on the website and use code COMBINEWITHFACEBOOK at checkout. This code will not charge you shipping on your website order, and the items will be added to your next Facebook shipment. 
  • Will Comment Sold work on replays?
    • Yes! Comment Sold will work on replay videos and old sales posts, as long as they were created on or after May 7, 2021. Comments made to posts before May 7 will not be captured or fulfilled.
  • How to I claim multiples of the same item?
    • To claim more than one of the same item, you will need to comment more than once. For example, if you want quantity 2 of item #125, you will need to comment "SOLD 125" and then make a new comment "SOLD 125". Commenting "SOLD 125 x 2" does not work.