What is Fashion Fix?

I put together a quick video all about Fashion Fix! What it is, who can sign up for it, why to enroll, all the info!!

All About Paparazzi Fashion Fix

What is Fashion Fix?

what is fashion fix? paparazzi

Fashion Fix is a monthly subscription box filled with 5 Trend Blend, stylized sets that appeal to a variety of customers. It also comes with 5 exclusive Fashion Fix pieces and Hostess Rewards. It also comes with style cards! The Fashion Fix is shipped straight to you every month, and then you have the opportunity to order more.

Who is the Fashion Fix for?

Any Paparazzi Consultant can enroll in the Fashion Fix!

If you're not a consultant, but love sets of jewelry and want to get them as a Monthly Jewelry Box subscription at wholesale prices, you can sign up to be a consultant and enroll in Fashion Fix - it's awesome for anyone who wants a monthly jewelry box! You can join me and I can give you more details on how that would work, my consultant ID is #1768, Mandy Beyeler of Sugar Bee Bling.

How do you sign up for the Fashion Fix?

There is usually a waitlist for Fashion Fix. You can sign up a couple of ways:

--Call consultant support and have them add you to the list.

--In your back office, go to--->Orders--->Fashion Fix. Under Auto Ship, click "Add New Profile" and it will walk you through adding all your info.

Why sign up for Fashion Fix?

For me, I LOVE Fashion Fix because of the EXCLUSIVE pieces that I'm able to offer my customers - pieces that aren't available to other consultants. Even if my customers don't normally buy whole sets, the Fashion Fix is still a huge asset because I'm able to have access to all those individual exclusive pieces.

When do you order Fashion Fix?

Once you have your Fashion Fix box, you can sell what you have on hand. Often you have more customers who want more than you have. You can order additional items from the Fashion Fix on the 5th of every month at midnight EST. (For me, in the Central Time zone, it's at 11:00pm on the 4th of every month.)

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