What is a Wall Drop

Have you ever wondered, "What is a Wall Drop"?  Or how to do a wall drop?  I have all the answers for you!  This is perfect to use for your $5 Paparazzi Accessories Business.

What is a Wall Drop

A Wall drop is where you drop pictures on your facebook "wall", meaning your group or page or profile.  That's it!  It's a little bit different than an album listing because wall drops are usually for a single item.

How Do You Use Wall Drops

I post a single wall drop each evening called my "VIP Pick of the Day" - it is one item every day that I pick to feature and give my customers first dibs at purchasing.   I also do a string of wall drops on Saturday nights, for about 30 minutes, dropping pictures of items every few minutes.  I like this better than an album because each item gets posted by itself and that way gets enough attention and screentime.

How to do a Wall Drop

I preschedule my wall drops, sitting down at the beginning of the week and scheduling out the whole week's worth of posts.  You can also post them in real time if you prefer.  To do a wall drop, just create a facebook post as you normally would, with a few pictures of the item, then typing the description and letting everyone know that awesome $5 accessories price point.  Then either schedule or publish the post.