Ordering Paparazzi Accessories inventory stock FAST and quickly

Have you ever wondered how other consultants seem to get all the new releases and new inventory so quickly before it sells out?  I have a few tips and tricks for you on Ordering Paparazzi Accessories inventory stock FAST and quickly.

How to Order Paparazzi Accessories inventory stock FAST 

No one gets early access to new inventory releases - those consultants that grab the great pieces are quick about ordering.  Here are my tips for ordering Paparazzi Accessories inventory quickly:
  1. Before New Releases, preload your cart - the back office is always fun of ah-mazing jewelry!  Look it all over, some you might have overlooked the last time you ordered, or some you might have ordered but need more of that item.  Be sure to add any starlet shimmer as well.
  2. Get ready when it's time.  New releases normally post in the afternoon.  They post every day, Monday-Friday.  There isn't an exact set time,
  3. Use the "Grid" and the "Max" views - this is key!!
  4. Only look in the "new releases" tab (because you've already browsed the other tabs prior to new releases)
  5. Refresh within the New Releases tab until the new releases appear.
  6. Click multiple times to add multiples of items.  Then check out!
To help explain it a little more, I put together a quick video to walk you through it:

How to Order Paparazzi Accessories Video Tutorial