Life of the Party Goal Tracker Sheet - LOP LOTP

Have you dreamed about hitting that Paparazzi Life of the Party Recognition level??  Which level is your goal?  Whichever it is, you need a PLAN to get there! For myself, I like to break it down into weekly sales goals.   I like to track my PV throughout the year - and I am going to share my tracking sheet with you!! If you're looking to Learn about Life of the Party  and What is Paparazzi Life of the Party, click over to check that out first.

Life of the Party Award Requirements

Life of the Party recognition is based on sales, and it is measured by how many pieces you order from your back office each month.
July 1- June 30
BRONZE, 5,000 PV
SILVER, 10,000 PV
GOLD, 15,000 PV
Platinum, 25,000PV
Diamond, 35,000PV
Black Diamond, 75,000PV
I can visualize the number of pieces better than I can a yearly total of PV (personal volume).  1 piece is 2PV.  So I broke down the requirements for each level by month, week, and even daily:
--monthly 208.5 --monthly 416.6 --monthly 625 --monthly 1041.5 --monthly 1458
--weekly 52 --weekly 104 --weekly 156 --weekly 260 --weekly 365
--daily 9 --daily 17 --daily 26 --daily 44 --daily 61

Life of the Party Goal Tracker Sheet

I have a Life of the Party Goal Tracker Sheet for you to use!  You can get the FREE Tracker Sheet HERE. When you get the FREE Tracker Sheet, COPY it and PASTE it into your own personal spreadsheet.  Then you will be able to add in and track your own numbers.

How to Use the Life of the Party Goal Tracker Sheet

I put together a quick video on how to use this tracker sheet!  Watch and hopefully it'll make sense.  Basically every time you order you update your PV for the month, then it will automatically tell you how much more PV you have left for each of the ranks.  Isn't that awesome?!