Instagram for your Paparazzi Business

I love using Instagram!! It's an awesome platform with 1 billion active accounts, so of course you want to be present there with your Paparazzi business. I have a few tips and tricks for you as you get started on Instagram for your Paparazzi Business.

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Starting Instagram for your Paparazzi Business

Here's a quick video to walk you through starting to use Instagram for your business:

Set up your Instagram Account

  • choose a username that matches your brand
  • choose a business or creator profile (not a personal profile)
  • fill in your bio!! especially the link to your website
  • decide your focus: sales, branding, team building

Use the Platform!

  • engage in posts (not just Paparazzi posts)
  • reach out in direct messages (consider also using voice messages)
  • reply to comments as soon as possible
  • follow others including accounts you want to immulate and those you want to influence
  • follow relevant hashtags
  • collaborate with others, use shout-outs for one another

Tips on Posting

  • vary your content (be aware of your top 9) - variety includes close ups, backed out, person, product, etc
  • be in the pictures and be relatable to others
  • take your own pictures (don't use stock images)
  • make your captions engaging and relatable, and ask questions to promote engagement
  • use mid-range hashtags and the location tag
  • stock up on images and save drafts

Instagram Stories

  • IG stories has different users, treat it as such
  • give more behind-the-scenes content
  • use hashtags, gifs, location tag, etc
  • share customers pictures, flash sales, etc

More a more detailed explanation of those starter tips, be sure to watch that video above!

How to Grow your Instagram Followers with your Paparazzi Business

If you are looking for more specific info on tips and tricks for growing your Instagram following, I have a whole video dedicated just to that topic!

Tips on gaining new Instagram Followers

  • add friends and family and current customers, ask them to tag you in their jewelry-wearing pictures
  • include your IG handle on business cards and at signs at events, maybe even as a car decal
  • use a follow strategy, follow those that already use Instagram in niches that might relate to jewelry, interact and engage with them
  • collaborate with others, swap shout-outs, build each other up

For a more a more detailed explanation of those tips on growing on Instagram, be sure to watch that video above!

If you're looking for more how-to tutorials for your Paparazzi Business, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, Sugar Bee Bling - Paparazzi Accessories.

Other Paparazzi Tips

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