How to Do a Flash Sale

Flash Sales really helped my Paparazzi business grow through daily consistent small sales - they're a huge hit with my customers! Today I want to show you what a Flash Sale is and how I do them. It is a great overview of information that you will be able to implement into your own business.

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how to do a flash sale paparazzi

How to do a Flash Sale

For the best explanation on how I set up and make my Flash Sales, be sure to watch this full video, it's only a few minutes long:

Steps to Create a Flash Sale

  • Choose similar items (all earrings, all necklaces, all purple pieces, etc), usually 12-20 items
  • Display and number the pieces)
  • Start and end the video on YOU, showing your face, to connect with your customers
  • Flip the screen and quickly show each piece
  • When finished, snap a picture of your numbered pieces
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If you’re looking for more how-to tutorials for your Paparazzi Business, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, Sugar Bee Bling – Paparazzi Accessories.

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