Goal Tracker Sheet

I love tangible goals! Ones that you can mark off and track as you go, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment as I'm working towards that goal. And I love to see that tracking visually!

For those that love to pin ideas for later, here's a couple of pinnable images for you to use:

500 Goal Tracker

In my Paparazzi business, this wee I was challenged to sell 500 pieces - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! That is definitely a stretch for me, but I love the push and motivation that a challenge can bring.

100 Goal Tracker

I know everyone has different goals, so I also put together a 100 Goal Tracker Sheet. Either sheet can be used for weekly goals, monthly goals - maybe daily goals?! Whatever you're aiming for, you can use this sheet and just mark the stopping point at your goal (whether it be 25 or 50 or whatever).

Flipped Goal Tracker Sheets

I also have available Flipped Goal Tracker Sheets - if you go live on Facebook, you'll know that it's super handy to have text flipped ;) These sheets are great if you want to track your progress and show it on live video to your customers who are cheering you on in your challenge.

Free Printable Goal Tracker Sheets

You can find all the goal tracker sheets in a shared online folder here: Printable Goal Tracker Sheets

Enjoy! And good luck on those goals - you've got this!!

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