Facebook Live Checklist

Selling Paparazzi Accessories on a Facebook Live

One of the best ways to sell things online is via a Facebook Live video - when I started using Facebook live as a platform to reach my customers, my sales started taking off!! It's been ah-mazing, and if you want to give a try, I would love to have you join my team. This post may contain affiliate links.

Facebook Live Checklist

I have a Facebook Live Checklist sheet to help you to remember all the things to prepare and do as you set up for and execute your Facebook Live - you can download that HERE.

paparazzi facebook live checklist

How to Prepare for a Facebook Live

  1. Lay out the jewelry in order
  2. Open packages
  3. Assign number cards
  4. Make a sales list
  5. Post a Teaser Video
  6. Email yourself the Video Description

Last Minute Preparation for a Facebook Live

  1. Get dressed and ready
  2. Message Friends
  3. Post a Teaser and Reminder

Starting your Facebook Live

  1. Set post to PUBLIC
  2. Paste in description information from email

During your Facebook Live

  1. Address the replay views
  2. Welcome live viewers by name
  3. Ask for shares and explain how to share
  4. YOU share
  5. Pin a Comment, $5 jewelry
  7. Show and Describe each piece
  8. Write down names of those who claim pieces
  9. Recap first 10 items

After a Facebook Live

  1. Pull and Sort the jewelry
  2. Take photos of the orders
  3. Invoice
  4. Ship
  5. Encourage customers to join your VIP group
  6. Add them to your customer list

Be a Part of Paparazzi

I'm Consultant #1768 and obviously I'd love to have you on my team - if you have any questions at all about Paparazzi, just shoot me an email, mandybeez at gmail .com -  You can read about joining Paparazzi here: Join Paparazzi

Other Facebook Live Resources:

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-Want to use Small Numbers? You can find them here: Small Paparazzi Numbers

-Want to use Reversed Numbers? You can find them here: Reversed Paparazzi Numbers

--Wonder what other equipment I recommend?  Check out my Facebook Live Equipment section.


More Paparazzi Info:

I do have a website for Paparazzi Info and for shopping for your FAVORITE $5 accessories, right here at www.SugarBeeBling.com

Paparazzi Jewelry Display Cases

I also have a tutorial on making a Paparazzi Jewelry Display Case, if you need those instructions.