Best Paparazzi Facebook Groups

If you are a customer looking to shop for cute $5 accessories, the best group around is the Sugar Bee Bling VIP Group and for live sales the Sugar Bee Bling Facebook Page.

Paparazzi Consultant Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can be vital in helping you and giving you support in your business. Here are a few awesome groups that I would recommend. Not all will be a good fit for you, so find the ones that work well for you and be a part of them.

Helpful groups/pages to join on Facebook:

--Training With Rockstars, a wide variety of training topics from top leaders,

--The Winner's Circle, weekly challenges from Paparazzi Founder Trent,

--Diners Drive-Ins and Dorks, Paparazzi IT with quick tips and back office trainings,

--Papa Selfie Group, cute selfie pictures you can share,

--Paparazzi Display Ideas and Help

--Life of the Party Showcase , if you're working on Life of the Party goals or need LOTP pictures, etc,

Join this when you're ready to kickstart your business with daily tasks:
--30 Day Bootcamp, a units-based, step-by-step bootcamp to take your business to the next level,

Only For my team:

--Sugar Bee Bling TEAM group, navigate the training units, participate in challenges, and connect with teammates,

--Johnnie's Jewels - our upline, we're part of Michelle's team,

--Team 24k Diamonds, we're part of Natalie Hadley's Team,

--Frank Divas team, we're part of Robin Frank's Team,