Paparazzi Convention

Paparazzi Convention can be a GAME. CHANGER. It definitely was a catalyst for me and leveled up my business.  You will get out of it what you put into it.  Here are some great tips for Making the Most of Convention:

-Stay POSITIVE, focus on your own business growth

-TALK to others, learn new ideas, build new relationships

-Take selfies and pics with everyone

-Meet rockstars, take pics, ask them a question, and write down their answers

-TALK in line to others, what's working for them? what tips do they have? what can you learn together?

-Be present in the moment (share pics later)

-Talk to the founders and staff, they want to hear from you

-Let social media know all about it!

-Be early for events so you can settle in beforehand

-TAKE NOTES from the speakers, highlight what speaks to you, highlight ACTION items to do

-Take notes about upcoming trends to teach customers

-Watch how others stack and wear and style jewelry

-This is a business trip, not a vacation, act accordingly

Convention Prep Tips:

-comfy shoes and outfits, water bottle, snacks, notebook

-make a list of rockstars that you want to meet

-make a list of questions you want to ask others

-->write down 3 things that you want to learn about or grow through so you're ready and watching for that specific personal inspiration

Tips for AFTER Convention:

-Continue to share on social media.

-Review notes, make an actionable to-do list, set goals

-DO something, put Convention take-aways into action

-Reach out to those you met to thank them for ideas and follow up with any other accountability or questions

Here's a free concise printable for you:

Paparazzi Convention Tips

If you want a fun way to get a great experience, try out this Paparazzi Convention Photo Scavenger Hunt: