Paparazzi New Consultant First Steps

Help! I just signed up as a Paparazzi Consultant!

Congratulations and welcome to the team! You have taken the first step of an AMAZING journey! Here’s a few quick and steps to get you started:
  • GET READY TO GET PAID. You will need to set up a way to get paid for selling jewelry. Cash is easy to take for face-to-face deals, but you’ll also need to be able to accept credit or debit cards. I suggest PayPal
  • SPREAD THE WORD. Let everyone you know of the great news that you’ve joined Paparazzi and will now be their source for amazing $5 jewelry deals. Reach out in as many was as possible, email, texts, sign in your yard (seriously!), telling coworkers and church friends, etc.
  • OPEN YOUR KIT! Let’s see what you got! The kits have amazing pieces. Invite a few friends over to open it with you to share the excitement. Or consider doing a live video via Facebook Live and sharing it with the world in real time (this could be a teaser for your first sale).
  • HOLD YOUR FIRST SALE! It’s go time! Start selling and making your commissions! Your first sale can be a home sale at your place or a friend’s place, or you could consider doing an online sale via Facebook Live. You can see myΒ tips for Facebook Live sales here!