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Paparazzi turquoise accessories: $5 Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings

Paparazzi turquoise accessories, from necklaces to rings, bracelets to earrings, are some of the most versatile pieces in your collection. Despite being a color (that amazing shade of blue), it is considered a neutral and can go with almost any other color. It can be worn in all seasons and with almost any style of[…]

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Spring 2020 Fashion Trends with Paparazzi Accessories

spring 2020 fashion trends

I know it’s only February, but Spring 2020 fashion trends are already in full swing! Are you wondering what is HOT for Spring 2020? No worries, I’ve got you covered with the inside scoop.  Lines continue to blur as we move into the 2020 spring/summer season, and the potential for creative self-expression is limited only[…]

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Welcome to Paparazzi! New Consultant First Steps: Step 1

Its a Bling Thing Paparazzi New Consultant First Steps

At this point, you have a lot of emotions and thoughts running through you’re head. You’re excited. You’re scared. You’re making plans. You’re experiencing buyers remorse. You’re excited again. I get it! I was there too and know how nerve racking it can be when you first join. In fact, I was so nervous about[…]