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How to Login to the Paparazzi Back Office – Paparazzi New Consultant Step 2

how to login to the paparazzi back office

Hey there! So you’re a new Paparazzi Consultant wanting to know how to login to the Paparazzi Back Office? Great! I’ve got your back and am ready to help! After you’ve joined Paparazzi, you’re likely ready to dig in and find out what it’s all about. I’ve created these simple steps to help you get[…]

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Welcome to Paparazzi! New Consultant First Steps: Step 1

Its a Bling Thing Paparazzi New Consultant First Steps

At this point, you have a lot of emotions and thoughts running through you’re head. You’re excited. You’re scared. You’re making plans. You’re experiencing buyers remorse. You’re excited again. I get it! I was there too and know how nerve racking it can be when you first join. In fact, I was so nervous about[…]