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Signs for Paparazzi Facebook Live

Paparazzi Reversed signs for FB Live – just what you need for your Facebook Live Parties!

As you may know, I LOVE being a consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. ¬†Lately I’ve had a blast selling on facebook through Facebook Live Parties – you should totally join my Paparazzi VIP group ūüėČ . I made some signs to use during my sales, and thought other consultants might be interested in printing some for themselves. ¬†So I put together a download for¬†Paparazzi Flipped Printable Signs.¬† This post may contain affiliate links.


Paparazzi is Changing Lives!

Paparazzi has been a huge blessing for my family – and I want it to be that for you too!¬† I’m Consultant #1768 and obviously I’d love to have you on my team – if you have any questions at all about Paparazzi, just shoot me an email, ¬†You can read about joining Paparazzi here: Join Paparazzi

Paparazzi Reversed Signs  Рprint them from here:

And if you’re here for the FREE Printable Signs for Paparazzi Facebook Live Parties, you can download them from this online folder:¬†FREE Printable Signs for Paparazzi

What do you need for a Facebook Live?

Check out the list of equipment you might consider getting for you facebook live: Facebook Live Equipment

Checklist for Selling on a Facebook Live

One of the funnest way to sell things online is via a Facebook Live video – I have a Facebook Live Checklist sheet to help you to remember all the things to prep and do.


More Paparazzi Info:

I do also have a website for Paparazzi Info  and where you can buy cute $5 jewelry ,

Life of the Party Goals

Are you a consultant and you have the goal to hit Life of the Party?  Check out how I track it with my Life of the Party Tracker Sheet.



Paparazzi Jewelry Display Cases

I also have a tutorial on making a Paparazzi Jewelry Display Case, if you need those instructions.


Enjoy your Signs for Paparazzi Facebook Live!!!